• June 21, 2024

A Guide to Raw Gardens: Learn about California’s best-selling cannabis extract.

Raw Garden has been producing Clean Green certified cannabis oil since 2015. Today, they are undoubtedly the best-selling cannabis extract company . Tree Factory is proud of Raw Garden’s entire product line. Our customers love the unique strains we produce in-house, along with the consistent taste and the accessible prices they boast. Famous for their Raw garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin products, Raw Garden ensures that no artificial ingredients are incorporated into the extract.

Whether it’s a 510 thread cartridge or as small as 1 gram, Raw Garden uses no additives to achieve unparalleled flavor and potency. They only extract pure cannabis oil and terpenes for their products. The unique harvesting process has a huge impact on how consistent taste is achieved. They use state-of-the-art cryogenic freezing technology to lock in the entire essence of the cannabis plant immediately after harvest. This will allow the plant to survive the extraction process and will not dry out or lose its natural taste or aroma.

Tree Factory regularly includes a variety of Raw Garden products on their menu. We give our customers easy access to brands that strive to produce the cleanest products possible. For the tastiest and most discreet way to consume cannabis on the go, their vape cartridges are second to none. And when it comes to their dab, few can compete for their excellent taste and low price. Here is a complete guide to our award-winning Raw Garden products.

At the heart of the Raw Garden business is the breeding program. Their in-house research team utilizes expert assessments from Ph.D. and MSc Scientists. This mind combines decades of academic and industry experience in plant breeding, genomics, biotechnology, integrated pest management, and data science. Criteria for producing beneficial strains include increased yields, reduced water usage, disease and pest resistance, use of pesticides and fertilizers, and automatic harvesting. Raw Garden’s products taste great every time, as they have the most important science and research to produce the final result.

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