• May 28, 2024

How to choose the best H4CBD source

With H4CBD being such a new cannabinoid, it’s essential that you choose a source of H4CBD products that has been around for a while. The right H4CBD manufacturer will be well-established and have an excellent reputation.

Their facilities will be certified and fully compliant, and you should be offered a choice between preformulated and custom-formulated products. The best H4CBD for your needs will assign a customer support specialist to guide you through the entire process and ensure your satisfaction once your new products arrive.

The bottom line: Is H4CBD better than CBD?

Scientists have known about H4CBD  but it’s only recently that this hydrogenated form of CBD entered the spotlight.³ As CBD has reached heights of popularity no one previously thought possible, demand for alternatives that might offer even-better benefits has arisen along with it.³

Is H4CBD truly the dark horse that will supplant CBD as the dominant option on the market? Since CBD is so beloved and abundant, it’s unlikely. If it’s true that H4CBD is more potent than conventional CBD in certain ways, however, it will certainly carve out a niche that will need to be filled with products.

Instead of conceiving of H4CBD and CBD as enemies, consider their collective benefits: CBD could be there as the lower-strength, all-natural option while H4CBD would serve as the slightly-tweaked, higher-potency alternative. As the modern cannabinoid pharmacopeia continues to evolve, both CBD and H4CBD will certainly play pivotal roles.


What is the difference between CBD and H4CBD?


The primary difference between CBD and H4CBD is that CBD is natural while H4CBD is not, but the dissimilarities don’t end there. It’s also an indisputable fact that we know far less about H4CBD than we do about conventional CBD — though there’s still plenty left to learn about both cannabinoids.


What is H4CBD distillate?


H4CBD distillate consists of H4CBD combined with a “denatured” hemp distillate from which other cannabinoids have been removed. Rare cannabinoids like H4CBD are often offered in distillate form since it is easy to combine a distillate base with practically any isolated cannabinoid.

Like most cannabinoids aside from CBD and CBG, H4CBD must be produced as a derivative of a natural hemp cannabinoid, making H4CBD distillate an inherently synthetic product. Even though its dominant cannabinoid is synthetic, H4CBD distillate still looks like you’d expect distillate to look — honey-colored, viscous, and translucent.

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