• July 22, 2024

The Power of CBD Skincare

Today we have another guest blog post for you. Another one of our customers, Olivia, agreed to write a few words about her experience using HempWell CBD skincare to help with her skin conditions. This is what she had to say:

“From being young, I’ve always battled with allergic reactions and eczema.The skin around my eyes was red and sore and my whole face was so dry. I was regularly buying and applying different moisturisers and looking for anything that might soothe my skin.

Every day I’d have to sit with an ice pack on my face to try and reduce the swelling and some days it got so bad that I could barely see out of my eyes. The only cure for a reaction seemed to be a course of steroid tablets from the doctors, however due to their side effects, the doctors wouldn’t prescribe them any more than twice a year, and with me having reactions every week, this really wasn’t a suitable cure.

As you can imagine, I’d be doing lots and lots of research into this but nothing seemed to be helping me https://www.cbd-uk.com/CBD-CREAM-UK/. We thought I must have been allergic to a specific food or product that I was using however after countless allergy tests and on process of elimination we came up stuck and still couldn’t identify the cause. We even went as far as getting the water at our house tested to see if it might be the chemicals in the water that were having an impact.

One particular weekend in January, we were in York visiting a friend and she has eczema on her hand. Her mum had recently started selling body shop products and had recommended that she try the Hemp Cream for her eczema, which she said had massively helped.

My skin wasn’t great the day we arrived, however the morning after I woke up and my skin had never been worse. My eyes were so swollen that I couldn’t see and the whole left side of my face was swollen up. The skin on my face and neck was red, inflamed and small hive like bumps had started to appear.

I remembered the last time we came to visit; we went to the Lamb & Lion Pub across the road from the HempWell shop and I remembered pointing it out to my fiancé, so when I woke up on this particular morning and after chatting to my friend about the Hemp cream she used, my fiancé suggested that we at least visit HempWell to chat to your team.

The man who we spoke to Phil, was sooo helpful, he talked me through the different options of creams and also suggested that I consider taking CBD oil regularly to see if this helps. I left the store with 500mg CBD oil and the Revive and Rescue Cream. I applied the cream straight away and by the end of the day the redness on my face had significantly reduced from how it was when I woke up.

I now use the Revive and Rescue Cream every day and also take CBD oil each evening. I’ve moved up to 1000mg of CBD oil and since using both of these products my skin has significantly improved. I’ve had 1 allergic reaction since January; however, my recovery was much quicker than usual without the need for a course of steroids.

I couldn’t recommend the products enough! I would recommend anyone with skin issues to consider how CBD can help. Moreso, I recommend the team at HempWell. Their knowledge is so reassuring and suggestions really have changed my life. Before visiting HempWell in January, I’d have never considered that I might actually have gut health issues and my skin was just a side effect of this, however after leaving the store, I’ve now done so much research into this, changed my lifestyle and diet and am feeling more in control than ever before.

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